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dynamiteThe increased use of explosives and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) by terror groups over the past decade has led to the technological upgrading of existing detection systems, as well as to the development of new ones. The growing threats, as well as the security response, compel us to continuously modify and update our training programs and improve our calibration tools and methods.

When training manpower to carry out manual searches for explosives or to operate technological detection systems, it is undoubtedly preferable to utilize the actual item they are being trained to detect, as a training aid. However, in the case of explosives, safety considerations and logistical issues prevent us from doing so. In order to maintain a high level of training effectiveness nevertheless, it is crucial to expose the trainees to training aids that are as similar as possible to “the real thing”.

In order to significantly increase the rate of detection by security agents who are required to identify explosives and IEDs using their senses of sight (general appearance, color) and touch (texture, weight per volume) it is essential to provide them with the opportunity of experiencing explosives simulants that replicate actual explosives as closely as possible, as part of their training. Similarly, it is necessary to ensure that operators of Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) and Trace Detection Systems (TDS) become familiar with the specific X-ray transmission properties of the explosives they are called upon to identify.  Anything less, such as displaying a photograph of explosive materials, showing an X-ray image or using a putty-like substance for demonstration purposes, will result in security agents who are ill-equipped to identify the threats at the crucial moment, thus potentially endangering human lives.

High-quality explosives simulants that eliminate the safety problems associated with the use of real explosives were developed precisely in order to enable optimal training efficiency. These simulants replicate characteristics such as color, texture, molecular weight, dielectric constant and others, to ensure truly effective training of security manpower, as well as precise calibration that takes into consideration key operational parameters.

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