Weapons Training Kit


The Simulant Weapons Training Kit contains 14 different types of weapons that are commonly concealed and transported by criminals and terrorists.

This threat identification training aid delivers x-ray correct simulated threats that can be concealed within luggage or on a person and used for x-ray detection training or hand search training.

Product Details

  • Ellipse Shaped Key Ring with Concealed Blade
  • Key Ring Opinel Knife
  • Key Ring Knife with Torch
  • Key Ring with Extending cord
  • Hair Brush with Concealed Spike
  • Dummy Pen Gun
  • ‘Stanley’ Knife with Double Blade
  • Aluminum ‘Kubaton’
  • ‘Tool Logic’ Survival Tool with knife
  • Plastic Cast ‘Ace of Spades’
  • Plastic Cast ‘Lansky’ Knife
  • Plastic Cast  ‘Delta Dart’
  • Folding Scissors
  • ‘Swiss Tech’ Utili-Key

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