Extended Explosives Training Kit


TheExtended Explosives Training Kitcontains a number of explosive simulants, batteries, detonators and electrical circuits that can be used to teach trainees about all the components required to build an improvised explosive device.

The explosive device components within this kit maintain the correct texture, geometrical pattern and density as the items they are replicating. This means that when placed in an x-ray machine, they produce the same x-ray image that the items they are replicating would.

The extended explosives training kit can be used as part of explosives identification training or even used to build new IEDs for explosive detection training and on the job covert testing.

Product Details

Block simulated explosives (500gms)

  • C4
  • TNT

Bottles of liquid simulants (250mls)

  • Nitroglycerine
  • Nitromethane

Small bottles of simulated explosives (60mls)

  • TATP
  • ANFO
  • Smokeless Powder
  • Nitrocellulose (rather than Gun Cotton in the other kit)
  • TNT Flake


  • 4 x AA type
  • PP3 9 volt alkaline
  • PP3 9 volt zinc oxide
  • 12 volt type
  • Flat
  • Single coin cell type


  • Electric No 8 – aluminium
  • Electric No 8 – copper
  • Electric No 8 – cardboard
  • Non-electric aluminium with safety fuse
  • Improvised TATP type
  • Improvised Copper type


  • Polycarbonate box with:
  • Electronic timer
  • Mechanical timer
  • Digital timer
  • Board with initiator – micro switch
  • Board with initiator – tilt switch

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