Booby Trap Training Kit


This Booby Trap Training Kit includes seven individual booby-trap components commonly used as part of IEDs.

Each booby trapped box within this training kit is identical, and the only external sign is the small arming hole in one face of the box. A common type arming pin is housed inside the boxes which use finger tight fixing screws, and all have hinged type lids.

All devices use common 9 volt PP3 type batteries which can be easily replaced, and all devices use a buzzer to indicate detonation.

Two blocks of inert, simulated plastic explosive are supplied, one with an inert aluminium detonator and the other with an inert copper electric detonator. The blocks are profiled to allow them to be inserted into any of the booby-trap boxes. The detonator leading wires can be easily shown in the attached position by pushing the wires through the PCB board holes.

Product Details

  • Light Sensitive Device
  • Micro switch – Pressure Off
  • Tilt Switch
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Anti-Tamper Break wire
  • Electro-Magnetic Proximity Switch
  • Micro switch – Anti-Lift
  • Simulated Plastic Explosive with Aluminium Detonator
  • Simulated Plastic Explosive with Copper Detonator

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