Anti Vehicle Training Kit


The Inert, Simulant Anti-Vehicle Training Kit contains 6 different types of replica car bombs commonly used throughout the world by terrorists.

All simulated explosive devices within this kit produce a buzzing sound to indicate detonation making them ideal for classroom IED identification training.

Product Details

‘Flat’ Device

This inert, simulated “Flat Device” is housed in a plastic case, similar to a car tool kit. It is designed to be used ‘in car’ and placed in the wallet behind the driver or passenger seats. The replica explosive device is triggered by movement.

Pedal Box

The inert, simulated Plastic Box Small contains plastic explosive and can be left under the foot pedal or attached with provided elastic bands/cable ties to accelerator pedal. The switch protrudes enough so that when the pedal is pressed the device is triggered.

Under Car Bomb

The under car bomb is an explosive device activated by a mechanical timer and mercury tilt switch. It has magnetic rings that enable it to be attached to the underside of a car.

Under Car Pipe Bomb

This replica under car pipe bomb has the same approximate diameter as an exhaust pipe. It can be strapped to under car cabling or even the exhaust enabling it to pass a casual under car inspection.

MPM Limpet Mine

The MPM Limpet Mine is normally placed under the car but can also be used in the engine compartment or the car interior as space dictates. It can be tied to the car wheel or an immobile object via string or wire, thus movement would pull the pin from the fuse and detonate the device.

Pressure Mat Device

A large pressure mat placed under the drivers or passengers mat, main charge concealed under seat or elsewhere in car. The explosive contains fragmentation elements. The device could also be used outside the vehicle with the pressure mat placed under the wheel.

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