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Why train with simulants

Training with photographs or X-ray images alone is not enough

The widespread use/concealment of explosives, improvised explosive devices, illegal drugs, etc. by terrorists/criminals internationally has compelled security screening personnel and screening technologies to keep pace with the ever-increasing variety of threats.

Renful believes that it is impossible for security personnel to recognise and identify dangerous and restricted items without already being familiar with factors such as their shapes, textures, weights, densities and other marking features and characteristics.

Threat familiarisation & detection training is, therefore, a necessity for all security personnel. The need for better simulants becomes more critical as the terrorist/criminal threat increases and the reliability of equipment, and skill of operators to identify these dangerous/prohibited substances becomes paramount.

Renful's inert training simulants open up previously prohibited domains permitting their use in forms and locations in which deploying the real threats would prove hazardous.

Renful is able to supply a huge range of explosive/drugs simulants and realistic simulated IEDs for training security personnel, as well as for testing/calibrating screening technologies.

Renful’s simulants and training devices are currently used by security trainers at airports, cargo and mail handling organisations, police forces, military establishments, customs, embassies, and other high-security facilities.