This Summer we are offering a free one month trial of Simfox Pay Per Session to any customer who orders a Training Kit*.

Be quick as the offer ends on the 31st of August.

About Training Kits

Renful offer a huge range of Simulant Training Kits. Each Kit provides different types of Simulant Explosives, Detonators, IEDs, Drugs and Weapons that maintain the same colour, shape, feel and x-ray signature as the threat they are replicating.

Training Kits provide a non-hazardous alternative to real threats and are contained inside a metal briefcase for easy and safe transportation.

Click here for more information about all our Training Kits.


About Simfox PPS

Simfox PPS is ideal for organisations that do not have in house trainers and has been used successfully throughout Europe to meet the EC No 185/2010 training regulations.

Through this option, our security trainers will create and send x-ray simulator sessions to your screeners each month.

Your x-ray screeners will have 24/7 access to these sessions from any computer with an internet connection.

At the end of each month we will send you a comprehensive report in excel on your screeners’ progress.

Access Training 24/7

Simfox PPS customers have access to Simfox 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.

  • Each screener uses a unique ID and password to access Simfox
  • Browser based system so no local installation required

Training Content

With PPS, each of your screeners will receive 1 hours worth of training each month so that they are able to comply with the EC 185 / 2010 regulations easily.

  • Bags & Containers created by Renful Security Trainers
  • Training available for Airports, Cargo/Mail, Police, Army, Government Buildings, Cruise Ships, Customs and other high security establishments

High Quality Simulator

Simfox provides single and dual view x-ray simulators for small bags all the way up to cargo pallets.

  • High quality x-ray images
  • Manufacturer specific image manipulation buttons available via an on screen dashboard
  • Manifest available for Cargo/Mail containers
  • Machines Available:

X-Ray Simulators for All Major Manufacturers

We currently offer Simfox Pay per Session training for the following machines:

  • Heimann SV & DV
  • Rapiscan SV & DV
  • L3 SV
  • Gilardoni  SV

Review Training Instantly

After each x-ray simulator session, your x-ray screeners are directed to a screen where they are able to review each bag they have taken, isolate each item within them and view their details. This ensures screeners can quickly and easily learn from their mistakes without the immediate assistance of a trainer.

  • Session Review is timed and makes up part of the training
  • View both x-ray and photo of each item within each bag in the session
  • Session review is saved on the system and can be reviewed at a later date.

Detailed Reports Provided Each Month

Each month, Renful will send you a detailed report of each of your screeners’ progress on Simfox.

As Simfox offers a range of customised reports we are able to quickly identify screeners that are not compliant with regulations and inform you

  • Reports for individuals, departments, or the whole company and Export in Excel
  • Reports based on specific sessions, courses and/or date ranges

Contact Us for more information about this offer

*Not Available for Existing Simfox PPS Customers.

*Trial constitutes 1 hour of training per person for 1 month. Maximum number of users is set to 20.

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