How to order

Important information about the ordering process

Product prices

Our product catalogue is available on request and contains prices in UK GBP – Pounds Sterling. Please complete the ‘Contact Us ‘ form, and we will e-mail the catalogue with current prices. Should you require prices in a different currency, we can supply a quotation against a specific list of products, with validity date.

All prices are ‘Ex-Works‘ and do not include the cost of shipping.

Shipping costs will be provided as part of a quotation.
UK GBP – Pounds Sterling prices are shown exclusive of VAT.

Placing an order

Our company requires a written order in every case. This can be supplied as an attachment by e-mail.

Orders from certain countries may require further verification or an End User Certificate. We can advise at the time of quotation.

All orders require clear shipping instructions, with a point of contact and telephone number.

Orders from certain countries may require further verification or an End User Certificate and/or an Import License.

Order cancellation & refund policy

Quotations are valid for 30 days from the submission date.

Generally, officially placed orders cannot be cancelled once production has started by our supplier.

In certain circumstances, refunds may be made at the discretion of Renful Ltd. should there be any change in arrangements following payment in full and prior to the delivery of the order. This would be completed within 30 days.

Payment of orders

Unless otherwise advised, payment is required in full, prior to the date of shipment.

Production delivery times

We aim to complete orders in 4 – 6 weeks from receipt of an official order in the UK.

A current production completion date will be provided with our quotation.

Larger orders can take longer although we can arrange for partial deliveries if acceptable.

We would always try and meet schedules, so please let us know if a delivery is required by a particular date.

Shipping procedures

UK deliveries are supplied by a courier on a 24 hour signed schedule in almost all cases.

Export orders are supplied by road or air freight.

International deliveries are supplied on a ‘door to door’ basis or can be made to a nominated freight forwarder at the airport of entry.

International deliveries can be subject to delays at the airport of entry, and prior to delivery. It is the customer’s responsibility to conform to local laws and regulations, also to pay local duties and taxes.

Inert certificates

All Renful products are entirely inert, and deliveries are supplied with a signed inert certificate.

Simulants are developed and distributed by Renful Premier Technologies

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