LOGO-RENFUL_smRenful Premier Technologies is a UK based company that aims to bridge the gap between technology and the human factor by delivering high quality and customisable security training products, services and consultancy.

The Renful brand was developed by Moshe Cohen following increasing demands for practical and effective solutions for security staff training at all levels.

Our Vision

We believe that it is impossible for anyone to recognise and identify an item without already being familiar with factors such as its shape, texture, weight, density and other marking features and characteristics. When the item is an explosive, I.E.D., I.E.D component or drug it is even more difficult as it will usually have been concealed within other innocent items.

Threat Familiarisation & Detection training is therefore a necessity for all security personnel and must be carried out using equipment fit for use.

Renful offers a variety of inert explosives, explosive device components and drugs as well as training kits designed to provide security trainers with the tools needed to offer effective threat familiarisation and detection training and testing to their staff.

All of our products are visually correct and many are x-ray correct so are ideal for both the training and testing of security personnel and the testing and calibration of screening technology.

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