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Anti-Vehicle Training 5Simulants are inert, non hazardous replica IEDs, Explosives, Detonators, Weapons, Firearms and Drugs used for threat detection training and testing. They are used throughout the world by Airports, Cargo/Mail companies, Police, Armies, Customs and other high security establishments.

Here are 5 reasons why our customers choose Simulants for their threat detection training needs:

1. Provide a more memorable training experience

Simulant threats capture the attention of security personnel more than slide after slide of images.

Security personnel are able to look at and touch the threat providing a more memorable and enjoyable learning experience.

This type of hands on training enables security personnel to better remember what they have learned.

2. Provide a realistic test for your operation

Simulant Drill Items ensure your covert tests are as realistic as possible.

Each Drill contains x-ray correct simulant explosives expertly concealed within a non-threat item. This provides a fair and realistic test for x-ray screeners as the drill items look exactly the same under x-ray as the threat they are replicating.

3. A safe way to provide threat detection training to security personnel

Real threats are hazardous and in the case of explosives; extremely difficult to get a hold of for training.

We make our Simulants using durable synthetic materials that are completely safe and non-hazardous.

So, unlike real explosives which have limitations on availability, transport and storage, Simulants are available whenever and wherever needed.

4. Help security screeners understand concealment

Simulants help security personnel understand how and in what type of item a terrorist may conceal IEDs.

Explosives come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Some are solid, some are powders and some are liquid.  To make life harder, explosives used by terrorists are more often than not concealed within other everyday items.

By using simulants, trainers are able to show how IEDs are constructed and concealed. This helps staff understand the concealment potential of different items; making them more alert at the security checkpoint.

5. Cost effective threat detection training

Training Kits provide a cost effective way of providing threat detection training to your employees.Training Kits

Each of our training kits contains different types of threats to suit the training purposes they will be used for.

For example, the Threat Essentials kit provides a great way to start your simulants collection. It contains samples of different types of explosives, detonators, IEDs and even a de-activated firearm.

Training kits also include posters that contain information about the threats within the training kit. These posters are often hung up in break areas so that staff can get continuous reminders of the threats they are required to identify in operation.


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