High precision threat simulants by Renful

Train your personnel and test your equipment with fully inert threats.

X-ray correct

All our simulants maintain the same X-ray signature, texture and shape as the threat they are replicating

Covert testing

Simulants are used throughout the world to test the detection skills of screeners while on the job


All our simulants are made from high quality non toxic, non hazardous synthetic materials

Threat familiarisation

Simulants provide invaluable threat familiarisation training and testing for security personnel

What we offer

Threat recognition and detection training aids and test articles

We have been at the forefront of advanced security training since 1994, specialising in the development and supply of X-ray correct inert explosive & drug stimulants, IED training aids, and test articles for the calibration of screening equipment as well as red team exercises.

Training kits

Training kits contain a selection of simulant threats and accompanying training notes all held together in a protective briefcase.


What clients are saying

"Renful's simulants have been widely used at airports and police departments here for training and have received positive feedback from customers."

Simulants are developed and distributed by Renful Premier Technologies

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